A Foray in Voice-Over


Last night I got a call from one of my favorite new professional associates, photographer and creator of all manner of media, Jonathan Thorpe. The great thing about Jonathan is that he's taken a chance and asked me to do some things I didn't necessarily have experience in, like voice-over work. I absolutely love it when people extend that kind of confidence. It incites me to live up to the challenge. This kind of creative risk-taking strikes me as being great for business.

Thanks to my indie rocker bf, I only have to go as far as my bedroom to access a pretty sweet home recording situation. So when Jonathan asked if I could turn around a voice-over in a few hours, I said avec plaisir. Or, in this case, ja gerne... The client is Volkswagen! 

As I'm still fairly new at this whole VO thing, it took me several hours of experimentation to really get a track that I liked. In the end, I felt most comfortable adapting a certain character voice as opposed to striving for a "pretty" version of my own voice. 

Today's career moves: Self-submitting to a number of casting calls online, and going a little bit old school with a cold mailing. I'm compiling a massive personal list of casting agencies and theaters who accept cold submissions. I've got 200 headshots and 50 postcards to mail out. I realized with a start the other day that the perfect and horrible thing about ordering a million headshots is that you have to act fast. My looks are always changing, and so are the types of roles I'm going for. Pretty soon, I'll want a fresher, more specific headshot. So it's fantastic incentive. Use 'em or lose 'em!