The Move Is REAL - Hollywood Baby!

Three. This is the number of months it apparently takes me to pack up my entire life, say goodbye to my favorite survival job, move out of my apartment in DC, move into my dad's, mourn the loss of a dear uncle, celebrate the holidays with the extended family, go on vacation with the nuclear family, drive cross country with the boo, settle temporarily with great friends in Santa Monica, search for an apartment in central Los Angeles, find an apartment in central Los Angeles, move in, and finally begin living, three thousand miles west of anywhere I've ever known. 

Zero. This is how many acting projects I am capable of squeezing in during such a series of events. I was able to make a short video for a contest, however. And I really do mean short. Studio 360 announced a contest for a "30-Second Rom Com," to be judged by director Kevin Smith. The contest was canceled, to my chagrin, but I was at least able to turn my family cruise into a fun little project

Six, plus! This is the version of phone I used to take this selfie before my very first Hollywood audition. I was going for teacherly. 

The number premise has now run its course, but here is a picture of my rooftop, because you should come visit. 

Finally, here is a video I just saw for the first time from last November, before my moving-induced mini-retirement. Speaking of retirement... 


More to come from the other side!