The 30-Day October Character Challenge!

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Click to play!

The ‪#‎CharacterChallenge‬ is over!! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who supported this project with your likes, comments, shares and messages. It was such a great experiment for me and I learned a TON. The biggest challenges by FAR were technical. Shooting on an iPhone, editing and uploading to three different platforms every day with insanely slow internet was at times more than my fragile little Italian temper could bear. Traveling with a 5-year-old laptop wound up being the only thing that caused me to miss a day (and yo, I spent like 8 hours that day trying to post a video). I subsequently made my most impulsive laptop purchase ever. I broke two raggedy tripods and many lightbulbs, but acquired much-improved mics, editing software, and half a closet full of wigs and costumes. I got better at shooting and editing but realized I have SO much to learn. I realized it’s great to have ultimate creative control (read: to make yourself look pretty sometimes), but it'd probably be even more fun to work with people who know what they’re doing. ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE? Hit me up.

On the creative side, it's been incredibly liberating to be forced to let go of the outcome of these videos every single day. If you thought these were funny, YAY!! My inner critic finds fault with plenty of them, but it's been fun to just let that all go and put it all out there. 

Here are all of them in one YouTube playlist, including an addition for the day I missed. If you want to subscribe to my channel or share the videos, this is the place to do it! 

And YES, going forward, I'm going to continue posting a video once a week!! Tuesdays. But this week will be a much-needed vacay ;) THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!